What’s the best Mexican Food?

What’s the best Mexican Food?

Mexican food is plentiful in Phoenix, Arizona. The choices are many, whether you want a real traditional meal or a contemporary mexican cuisine. How do you decide?

One way to choose your mexican food in the Valley of the Sun is to read the reviews from Yelp or YP.com. To save you some time, here”s some reviews for your considersation.

“I have been eating at Don Jose’ since I was born. It has been part of my entire life.”

“Don Jose’s was a great little mexican food place. Homey atmosphere, good, simple food. The salsa was simple and EXCELLENT!!!”

“I have personally been going to this restaurant since I was 5 (23 years ago) and my family has been going there since the early 60’s. This is the best Mexican food that ever will be. “

“Their cheese crisp is 10 stars. Just the basics here…tacos, burros, enchiladas, etc. This is an old school atmosphere here, too.”

The votes are in! If you or your visitors are craving something authentic, then Don Jose’ is the place for you.

Don Jose has been in the same location since the 1960’s. This is one of those places (fewer and fewer now) where old-style traditional mexican food can be had, and for a reasonable price. These are authentic ingredients, so you will get the tacos, enchiladas, and beans like you expect them to be.

mexican food at don jose

Great Mexican food at Don Jose’

The bottom-line reason for the long-term satisfaction of our customers is that they get what they expect from Don Jose” – good food at great prices.

“Best bang for your buck.
The prices are unbelievably inexpensive, especially for the quality and portion size. You get free chips and just-the-right-level-of-spicy salsa. It’s a local tradition to start off with the cheese crisp–do it!”

Just “do it!” And we think that’s pretty good advice!

“I have been going to Don Jose ever since I can remember. I love the chips and hot sauce. I always get hot sauce and chips to take home. My favorite item is a beef burro enchilada style with a side of beans. “

And what’s your favorite?