Cool summer recipes – Mexican style

It’s Summertime! Here are a couple of cool summer recipes – Mexican style!

For fresh-tasting guacamole that doesn’t turn brown from oxidation, you’ll want to make this recipe as close to your anticipated meal time as possible, though a piece of plastic wrap pressed down flush against the surface will give you some extra hours of shelf life. The trick to this recipe is salting and then pounding the aromatics—just onion, chili, and cilantro—with a mortar and pestle, coaxing out and developing their flavors before adding them to the avocado. To get a smooth, dippable, but not-too-uniform texture, we use a stiff whisk to mash it all up and then finish it with a squeeze of lime. It may be a simple guacamole, but you’ll never look to the store-bought stuff again.

Cool summer recipes - Mexican style

Elotes are a fantastic barbecue food, but crema-slathered, chili-spiked, cheese- and lime-topped corn on the cob can be a little arduous to assemble for a picnic. Enter esquites, their off-the-cob counterpart. Quickly searing the kernels in a pan (or grilling corn on the cob before removing the kernels) gives them a pleasant toasty, fire-kissed flavor. The creamy mayonnaise-based dressing cuts through the heat of minced jalapeño and chili powder, rounded out with pungent garlic, zesty scallions, and a generous dose of cilantro. Top the salad with lime juice and Cotija cheese and you’re done.


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